RenPool enables users to pool Ren together to run a darknode.

Ren Darknodes are Expensive & requires Technical knowledge to run them

Ren currently requires 100k Ren to bond in order to run a darknode. Not everyone has the ability to get to 100k Ren and so we created a system that lowers the bar by pooling Ren funds together to collectively achieve 100k.

Step 1: Create a RenPool - This opens the slots for depositing and withdraw Ren into the pool for future registration.

Step 2: Approve Ren Tokens to the contract.

Step 3: Select a Pool that is available(has less than 100k deposited) and deposit the amount you are interested in up to max pool amount of 100k. If you want the entire pool you can. If you want to deposit more, select another pool or create one.

Step 4: Wait until 100k has been reached, or if not and you want your tokens back simply withdraw from the contract.

Step 5: We will register the darknode once 100k is achieve. We will run the darknode for RenPool users. We never take custody of the Ren. Ren moves between RenPool contracct and the RenStore Contract only.

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy the revenue that Ren creates for you. Claim/Withdraw

Step 7: When you are done, request a withdraw; if there is >50k requesting withdraw, you can deregister the pool. If not, you need to either wait for other pool owners to request a withdraw, or wait until someone is interested in taking your spot. Giving up your spot means, giving up the future rewards but you get your Ren bond back as soon as someone takes your spot.

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